Monday, November 29, 2010

Didn't November just started?

So by the end of this month, things I hafta do (school works) are now becoming lesser and lesser
Although our 3rd periodical exam is getting nearer, after that I will be experiencing a long week of stress-free vacation. Crazy, how time goes by so fast. 

Speaking of Christmas vacation, December is finally around the corner.. meaning we're gonna face another beginning of our lives again. Part of us loves the month of December, part of us don't.
Well, I find myself in the category of 'who doesn't like it'. Don't get me wrong, cause I do appreciate how friends and families gather around to have fun, exchange gifts, prepare delicious meals and etc. But SOMETIMES okay, not always, do I like this month. As a sad little boy always says, "People not all the time get the true meaning of Christmas"

31 days to go before my day (I really see no excitement going on with my birthday)

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