Saturday, April 21, 2012

How are you?

"How are you?"

People who make that inquiry- don't expect a truthful answer, do they? They should, of course. Otherwise there's no point in asking. But no, they expect to be told that you're fine even if you're at the death's door.

"I'm fine/I'm good." is usually the canned response we hear from that question. Why? Is it because social norms influence everyone to say such an untruthful reply? I don't know. But at some point, people tend to hide their real emotions. It's just one meaningless social convention.

How am I?
I'm a donut, thank you.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I love Dr. House!

Guess what I'm watching over the past few days?

Yup, it's House.

This medical TV series is utterly amazing. With its new and interesting cases every episode, it's hard not to be on the edge of your seat and watching it by the day. Winning 2 Golden Globes as well as 13 other awards and 30 nominations, only proves that House is one heck of an excellent show. There are times some eps. gets a bit repetitive but still, it manages to be flawless in every other aspect.

( Lying on his pool of Vicodin)

Patient: What's that? What are you doing?
House: Painkillers
Patient: Oh, for you. For your leg.
House: No, 'cause they're yummy! - I love that line

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's not about the money, money, money

After attending to our Sunday service, my family and I went to this bookstore collaborated with our church. Lance (my 19 year-old brother) asked for my mom to buy the book, "Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin." After that day, he read that book instantly and said that it was a good book to read. Later on, Cheeno (my oldest brother) also thought the same thing after reading it. While I ignored them, my curiosity aroused and wanted to see what captivates them through this book. That night I saw my mom in the bed flipping pages of the same book. After maybe 20 minutes have elapsed, I saw her finished with it.

This was what she said when I asked her how was the book..

"I was really inspired reading it. As soon as I sat the book down, I went to check my wallet and drop some coins in my piggy bank."

This family is really creeping my brain to read this book. So this afternoon, I tried not to make myself busy and just read the book (the book that everyone's talking about, well, except me of course) And wow! Now, do I finally realize why this book is the one. Not only does it talk about how to manage money but how God will also entrust you with more. I recommend this to people who are struggling or always borrowing money. Haha. That's what the book said.

Being a young girl, I wanted to be rich. One of the most favored dream of a child, am I right? Having enormous mansions, nice cars, nice gadgets. I envied my friends for being wealthy and thought they had the perfect life... Not until now. My jealousy has been stripped off. My perspective in life has changed. Since then it made me think that there is really no permanent thing in this world. Nothing lasts forever. Seeing things with what I have. Our car may not be the latest model. Our house may not be huge. But believe me, I learned how to be contented with what I have. Expensive bags, fancy clothes, pricey shoes. I don't need these material things to please me. I am happy with what I have. The fact that my parents are able to enroll me in school. The fact that I even have a mother and a father to support me and love me so much. The fact that I have a roof to live under. I consider myself as a blessed person living a simple life. Yep, a simple life - is what all I need. I may not be rich in terms of money but I am proud to say I'm rich towards God. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am so easily tongue-tied

Writing or speaking... Which one of these two, do you prefer?

I've always find speaking or communicating with others a trouble, really. Whether it would be answering an interview, talking to a person who is very fluent in English, explaining a story or a movie.. whatever it would be, every time I converse with someone I would usually stutter, fluctuate and what not.

Writing is more preferable to me than anything else. I just feel that facts and feelings can be laid out sequentially and all the important infos can be included. In writing, I can pay more attention in my grammar (although my spelling can be horrible sometimes), I can erase my errors easily; unlike in speaking, you cannot really erase the errors you have said after it has been come out from your mouth.

My failure to communicate with someone can be an annoyance to them which is not what I am trying to convey.
I'm not saying that I don't like talking anymore, writing's just my way of expressing my thoughts clearer.

Some of you may like to speak more, some of you would like to write such necessary things and maybe some of you prefer just the both of it. I know not everyone agrees with me, some of you may have your own special way of communicating easier.

So, going back to my first question, which one of the two would you prefer? :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shout Out!

This Saturday, our school held it's very first street concert entitled "Shout Out," where students were given a chance to play the instruments, sing, dance and etc before an audience. After weeks of practicing, I believe it became a huge success. Whether it was only few or many people who attended, our goal was to give them an enjoyable evening.

Seeing my classmates and friends before even made me feel happier they were there to enjoy the evening. Though that day became emotional, mirthful or whatever you call it, overall, it was a success.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I have been massively neglecting my blog lately..
(Nahh, just a little busy at the moment)

This month, I haven't had a time to write any post yet. Yeah, my blog is really out of date. But I'll soon change that and start blogging my ass off again lol. Maybe soon.. I think?
I will catch up real soon...

And also, I want to thank those people who commented on my blog and I did reply tho, just to let you know. Thank you really, for having you guys to appreciate my posts.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Surprised how I took this shot lol

Didn't November just started?

So by the end of this month, things I hafta do (school works) are now becoming lesser and lesser
Although our 3rd periodical exam is getting nearer, after that I will be experiencing a long week of stress-free vacation. Crazy, how time goes by so fast. 

Speaking of Christmas vacation, December is finally around the corner.. meaning we're gonna face another beginning of our lives again. Part of us loves the month of December, part of us don't.
Well, I find myself in the category of 'who doesn't like it'. Don't get me wrong, cause I do appreciate how friends and families gather around to have fun, exchange gifts, prepare delicious meals and etc. But SOMETIMES okay, not always, do I like this month. As a sad little boy always says, "People not all the time get the true meaning of Christmas"

31 days to go before my day (I really see no excitement going on with my birthday)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

You didn’t love her, you just didn’t want to be alone. Or maybe, maybe, she was just good for your ego, or maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life, but you didn’t love her, because you don’t destroy the people you love.
Grey’s Anatomy