Friday, February 18, 2011

I am so easily tongue-tied

Writing or speaking... Which one of these two, do you prefer?

I've always find speaking or communicating with others a trouble, really. Whether it would be answering an interview, talking to a person who is very fluent in English, explaining a story or a movie.. whatever it would be, every time I converse with someone I would usually stutter, fluctuate and what not.

Writing is more preferable to me than anything else. I just feel that facts and feelings can be laid out sequentially and all the important infos can be included. In writing, I can pay more attention in my grammar (although my spelling can be horrible sometimes), I can erase my errors easily; unlike in speaking, you cannot really erase the errors you have said after it has been come out from your mouth.

My failure to communicate with someone can be an annoyance to them which is not what I am trying to convey.
I'm not saying that I don't like talking anymore, writing's just my way of expressing my thoughts clearer.

Some of you may like to speak more, some of you would like to write such necessary things and maybe some of you prefer just the both of it. I know not everyone agrees with me, some of you may have your own special way of communicating easier.

So, going back to my first question, which one of the two would you prefer? :)


  1. I don't know... I feel the same when it comes to writing. Yeah, it's easier to express yourself and thoughts always come out more put together. But then, when speaking to someone, you can immediately see their reaction and communicate much better. I suppose both mediums have their advantages. Good luck with your blog by the way, it's quite interesting!

    1. Yeah, I do agree with you :) All things have their own advantages and disadvantages! Thanks btw

  2. When I'm uncomfy, I have a stammer. I often have beautiful compound/complex sentences in my head, but I usually trip over them. Consequently I like writing, because there's no pressure to plan out my beautiful sentences and write them down! I can, however, when in the right mood, talk very rapidly if I'm going on about something I'm passionate about to people I'm comfortable with.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

    1. Exactly! And had it ever occurred to you whilst having a conversation, you would suddenly pause only because you lost your train of thought? It's like I can barely get a coherent thought when I try to speak. But as I've said, both have its benefits & drawbacks. It depends entirely on the person.