Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's not about the money, money, money

After attending to our Sunday service, my family and I went to this bookstore collaborated with our church. Lance (my 19 year-old brother) asked for my mom to buy the book, "Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin." After that day, he read that book instantly and said that it was a good book to read. Later on, Cheeno (my oldest brother) also thought the same thing after reading it. While I ignored them, my curiosity aroused and wanted to see what captivates them through this book. That night I saw my mom in the bed flipping pages of the same book. After maybe 20 minutes have elapsed, I saw her finished with it.

This was what she said when I asked her how was the book..

"I was really inspired reading it. As soon as I sat the book down, I went to check my wallet and drop some coins in my piggy bank."

This family is really creeping my brain to read this book. So this afternoon, I tried not to make myself busy and just read the book (the book that everyone's talking about, well, except me of course) And wow! Now, do I finally realize why this book is the one. Not only does it talk about how to manage money but how God will also entrust you with more. I recommend this to people who are struggling or always borrowing money. Haha. That's what the book said.

Being a young girl, I wanted to be rich. One of the most favored dream of a child, am I right? Having enormous mansions, nice cars, nice gadgets. I envied my friends for being wealthy and thought they had the perfect life... Not until now. My jealousy has been stripped off. My perspective in life has changed. Since then it made me think that there is really no permanent thing in this world. Nothing lasts forever. Seeing things with what I have. Our car may not be the latest model. Our house may not be huge. But believe me, I learned how to be contented with what I have. Expensive bags, fancy clothes, pricey shoes. I don't need these material things to please me. I am happy with what I have. The fact that my parents are able to enroll me in school. The fact that I even have a mother and a father to support me and love me so much. The fact that I have a roof to live under. I consider myself as a blessed person living a simple life. Yep, a simple life - is what all I need. I may not be rich in terms of money but I am proud to say I'm rich towards God. 

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